Purchase VITAXEL Starter Package with Bitcoin

Purchase VITAXEL Starter Package with Bitcoin

Dear VITAXEL Leaders & Distributors


Greetings from VITAXEL !

Please be informed that our company is launching an additional new payment method

i.e. you can purchase VITAXEL starter package by Bitcoin with immediate effect.

Kindly refer to the attached Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) on how to purchase VITAXEL starter package with Bitcoin.

Please share this important message with your team members in order to ensure that they are aware of our latest company news.

If you have any question, please email your inquiry to vspark@vitaxel.com.


Thank you very much for your continuous effort in VITAXEL ! Let us all “Live Better” !


Yours sincerely,

The Management




1. Visit http://www.vitaxel.com/en/ then click the menu and click on “Join with BTC” or visit http://www.vitaxel.com/en/vsparkbtc/ directly and select which plan you want to buy with Bitcoin.

Then please fill out the following details and click “Submit” :



-Contact No


-Distributor Reference (e.g. Sponsor ID)


2. A quotation which will be valid for 3hours from the time issued will be generated by Vspark to the correspondence’s email which includes:

-The current package price in Bitcoin

-Address of the VITAXEL’s Vspark wallet

-QR code of the VITAXEL’s Vspark wallet


3. The payment must be completed within 3 hours by the buyer and attach proof of payment in the correspondence email to vspark@vitaxel.com


4. Once payment is confirmed, a receipt of acknowledgement will be attached in the correspondence email from Vspark to the distributor.


5. Contact your sponsor to follow up on the PIN and Registration details.

*Note : Our Company reserves the rights to on hold the process of purchase if the payment is not completed within 3 hours after receiving the quotation.



尊敬的威达通领袖与经销商,威达通向大家问好 !

于此通知各位,本公司正在推出新的付款方式,即您可开始用比特币 Bitcoin 来购买威达通的启动配套。

请参考随附的标准操作程序(SOP),了解如何使用比特币 Bitcoin 购买买威达通的启动配套。


欲知更多详情,请联络我们的电邮 vspark@vitaxel.com。




管理层 敬启


如何使用比特币 BITCOIN 购买威达通启动配套


1. 请游览 http://www.vitaxel.com/en/ ,然后请按 ”Menu” ,然后请按 “Join with BTC” 或直接游览 http://www.vitaxel.com/en/vsparkbtc/ ,并选择您要以比特币 Bitcoin 购买的启动配套。

然后请填写以下资料,然后请按 “Submit”:

-Quantity 数量

-Name 名称

-Contact No 电话号码

-Email 电邮地址

-Distributor Reference (e.g. Sponsor ID) 经销商参考(例如推荐商或上线 ID)


2. Vspark 将发送比特币 Bitcoin 的报价和以下的资料至您的电子邮箱 (此报价从发布时间起的3小时内才有效):

-The current package price in Bitcoin (比特币目前的启动配套价格)

-Address of the VITAXEL’s Vspark wallet (威达通 Vspark 电子钱包的地址)

-QR code of the VITAXEL’s Vspark wallet (威达通 Vspark 电子钱包的二维码)


3. 买家必须在3小时内完成付款程序,并把付款证明电邮至 vspark@vitaxel.com


4.一旦付款确认,Vspark 将把收据电邮给经销商。


5. 请联系您的推荐商或上线以获取 PIN 和注册细节。


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