A one stop platform system

In VITAXEL we strive for innovation and simplicity, helping our member to live better is our ultimate vision. Introducing VAPP, a custom-made platform for our fellow members to keep updated with the latest VITAXEL news, Upcoming VITAXEL events, monitoring VPOINT and their network activities. Allowing our members to focus on building their network while VAPP handles everything else.
Easy to use platform for member
Focus on building your network, and let VAPP worry about the rest.
Gorgeous and functional app
A beautiful minimalist interface, designed to help focus on the important task on hand.
Real time updates
Staying up to date with your network status and the latest VITAXEL happenings easily.

Managing network have never been this easy

VAPP is all you need to manage your entire network, everything from editing your profile, purchasing e-Pin, upgrading distributor, making, or tracking purchase and many more activities, can be manage easily using our simplified user interface, conveniently available for you at anytime, anywhere.

Live update of your network status

Keeping you updated with your network status in real time. Never again will you wonder about your network status, your remaining VPOINT, any newly joined distributor and available e-Pin. VAPP will keep you updated of all your network status.

Manage VPOINT anytime, anywhere

Keeping track of your remaining VPOINT on the go. Knowing how many remaining points you have, with it you can plan your next vacation or redeem your next VPRODUCTS.

One scan purchase

One scan purchase is an upcoming VAPP feature, never again will you need to pull out a credit card and complete a tedious form to make a simple purchase. Just scan the desired item code with VAPP's one scan purchase and let us worry about the rest.
News, Schedule & Events
VAPP, here to help keep our member updated with VITAXEL's latest news, calendar schedule and event with a single click away. Download now and never miss an opportunity to build your network.
Take chance, make changes, and join us.
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